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  • The Company is responsible for the compilation of the corporate social responsibility report by the group general manager's office. Through the opportunity to compile the report, the company’s senior management was able to re-examine the previous year’s actions on economic, environmental, and social issues, and consider the suggestions and feedback given by stakeholders, as an important part of the company’s adjustments and development strategies. The general manager's office of the Company has a social responsibility charity group that actively organizes the development of various public welfare activities and hopes to use the "good corporate citizen" style to give back to the society with heart. The board of directors also authorizes the relevant regulations, and regularly reports to the directors (including independent directors) on their implementation.

    The Company's various risk management systems are formulated by the board of directors and various committees, and then the high-level team discusses each execution direction before launching, and the risk management is graded. It is mainly divided into five major risk management; financial risk, investment risk, purchase risk, climate change risk and information security risk. Please refer to the annual report “7 Review of Financial Conditions, Operating Results, and Risk Management” .

    The internal risk management policy formulated by the company adopts precautionary measures to reduce the losses caused by risks. Identify, evaluate, process and monitor potential risks that may affect the company's achievement of goals, and regularly track and incorporate into the daily operations of each unit.