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    Audit Duties


    Internal Audit 
    1. Drawing and executing the annual audit plan and issuing audit reports. 
    2. Promoting and Re-examining the self-inspection work of the Internal Control System.
    3. Tracing regularly to find problems and solve them. 
    4. Reporting audit work to the supervisors and the board of directors.
    5. Other occasionally audits.


    Audit Operation Procedure


    Associate the board of directors and manager to ensure the inner control system being effectively executed to achieve the three goals of the inner control system:
    Effect and efficiency of the operation
    Reliability of the financial report
    Conformity to the relative law and regulation


    Flow Chart 



    Self evaluation and inspection with the inner control


    Promoting the evaluation with inner control to implement the self-supervision system of the company and adapt the change of environment, adjusting the planning and implementation of the inner control system and promoting the operation quality and efficiency of operation organizations, to ensure that the company’s operation goal being successfully achieved, the related regulations being effectively obeyed, the corporate assets being well managed, and the time and reliability of the information management being promoted.


    Flow Chart



    Appointment and dismissal of Internal Auditors


    Any appointment or dismissal of the chief internal auditor shall be subject to approval by the audit committee and be submitted to the board of directors for a resolution. According to the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” and related laws and regulations, appointment, dismissal, evaluation and review, salary and compensation of internal auditors of the Company shall be submitted by the chief auditor to the board chairperson for approval. The Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles are disclosed under the Corporate Management section on the company website.